Property Joint Ventures

We purchase property from around Australia. If your property is on sub dividable land, on reasonable land or are units on a single title block we would like to exchange our time & money for the opportunity to redevelop your property.

Most people just don’t know where to start when it comes to approaching councils, dealing with surveyors, contractors, architects and property industry professionals. We do.

A joint venture is just an agreement between you and us. Simply put, your supply the property and we supply everything else. After the development approval has been obtained we take out all the costs of the approval then sell the property for a greater asking price then split the difference.

How do Property Joint Ventures Work?

You & Your


Your Benefits

* You receive a great asking price for your property
* You have a reputable, boutique company working for free to increase the value of your property
* You have plenty of time to look for another property
* You keep improvements to your property increasing he value of your property.

* You get a profit from your property by doing nothing


Your Risk

* You lose time
* The DA isn’t approved

We both agree to develop the property in a certain way.
E.g. a simple subdivision may see you retain your house & then sell the land carved from the property.


Sub-division of your property with DA approval.


We sell the one parcel of land, take out all expenses then divide the profits


Property Prospects Australia Pty Ltd Pay for all legal documents, time, money & knowledge


Our Benefits

* No up front purchase price
* We don’t need to obtain a bank loan to buy the land while the DA is being approved
* DA increases the future property value
* We have the ability to make a profit by helping you to develop your property


Our Risks

* If no DA approval we lose 10’s of 1000’s of dollars for trying to obtain the approval
* We have lost months of work

* We have increased the value of a property that isn’t ours